Mushin Juku Dojo

We are delighted to welcome Mushin Juku Dojo to our National Show at the K2 Leisure Centre.  They will be putting on a demo of Yoshinkan Aikido martial arts on both days.

For more information about the Club and their teachings, please go to:

Mushin Juku Dojo based at Haywards Heath


Jonz Wale Sensei has been teaching Aikido since 2003 after gaining his teaching license (menkyo) and completing the International Instructors Course at Yoshinkan Honbu (HQ), Dojo Tokyo, Japan.  He started training in martial arts at the age of 7 in Judo; however, since 1999 he has been training seriously, mainly in Japanese arts.  It was this love of Japan that first took him there at the age of 13 and then again age 25, where he lived and trained for 3 years.  It was while training at Honbu Dojo that he entered the Senshusei course to gain his Yoshinkan teaching License.

After teaching in Japan he decided upon his return to England to open Mushin Juku Dojo and has been training and teaching ever since. Wale Sensei has taught at various seminars and locations within the UK and internationally in countries including Japan, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand.

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