Bonsai Traders Association Show 2012 at Dom Valley Stadium, Sheffield

Having visited for the first time, the Bonsai Traders Show at Sheffield last month, which happened to coincided with my recent house move, I am left without broadband and a phone for up to 6 weeks – so much for technology.

I would normally have to have my laptop surgically removed from myself during the day until late at night.  I have now found solace at the local village hall, tapping into their free broadband – fighting my way through the zumba fitness class, walking groups, pilates and line dancing, to name but a few!

Well, to get back to matters in hand, I had a lovely day at the Bonsai Traders Association – Autumn Show.  Beautiful trees displayed from various Clubs and Societies and as you would expect, bargains galore.

It is a great venue, plenty of space and areas for displays.  Unfortunately, I felt the lighting was a little difficult to take quality photographs but this didn’t detract from the excellent displays.

I purchased several tools from Graham Potter of Kaizen, who is again kindly sponsoring Bonsai World 2013, which is being organised by Sussex Bonsai Group.

Below is a slideshow of my day.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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