Noelanders 2013

It was a long and arduous journey from Wales via Southend to pick up the coach and then onto the Show, but it was worth every minute.

Having never visited any bonsai shows abroad, I didn’t know what to expect but I was in for a treat.  Everywhere you turned, top quality trees, displays, pots and great bonsai artists.

The slideshow below cherrypicks only some of the trees on display, together with a view from the coach and a pitstop for cheap cigarettes and alchohol; I was heading towards the chip shop via the Blues Brothers!

Thanks Chrissie Leigh-Walker from Buskakan Bonsai, for organising the trip from the UK, we had a ‘sprinkling’ of travellers mainly from the Wessex and Southend bonsai clubs.  I was lucky enough to also meet fellow travellers from the Wirral club and I may well be heading that way for my next workshop!

Please share your views on the Show, if you were lucky enough to attend and let me know where and when the next one is (passport at the ready)!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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