Traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony


We are delighted to announce that Akemi Solloway will be attending our National Show, Bonsai World 2013 at the K2 Crawley on 10th and 11th August.

Akemi Solloway Tanaka is the daughter of an old samurai family and grew up immersed in the traditional arts and culture of Japan.  Her name in Japanese means “bright and beautiful”.

Akemi will be presenting the traditional Tea Ceremony, and inviting the audience to participate in drinking the tea.

She will also perform a Japanese dance and demonstrate Japanese calligraphy.

She is a lecturer and consultant of Japanese culture, and leads study tours to Japan each spring and autumn. She is active in the worlds of business, diplomacy, education and the arts, where she strives to combine traditional beliefs, such as Bushido, with the best of modern technology and ideas.

For further information on Akemi, please check her website.  She will also be raising money for “Aid For Japan” with the sale of personalised bookmarks.

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