Bonsai World Show’s own ‘Tokonama’

We had some great comments over our Show weekend regarding Sussex Bonsai Group’s new stand.

tokonamaIt was based on the Japanese alcove, called Tokonama, which first appeared in the late Muromachi period (14th-16th century).

In Japan they are used for displaying trees, viewing stones (Suiseki), scolls, Ikebana and other objects for their guests to admire.


A few Lessons from the Tokonoma
A few general lessons you can apply to presentation design and other forms of design as well.

  • A powerful focal point need not be overbearing or fancy.
  • Emptiness creates spaciousness which assists the viewer in discovering the focal point.
  • Subtle contrast can more easily create interest when there are fewer elements rather than many.


Tony, from the Sussex Bonsai Group, used a timber frame covered in plywood, with the sides painted white.  The base was varnished, as was the fascia and window.  He was able to complete the project in 5 days, as the weather was kind and he was able to leave the panels outside to dry.

A great job done – I might have a go myself or maybe get Tony to make up another one in his spare time!!

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One Response to Bonsai World Show’s own ‘Tokonama’

  1. Looks really good! I’m going to try and make one up for my next show, it looks great!

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