Noelanders Trophy XV

The 15th Noelanders Trophy will take place on Saturday and Sunday January 18 -19, 2014. Venue: Centrum voor Duurzaam Bouwen, Marktplein 1 in Heusden-Zolder, Belgium.

The weekend starts the new Bonsai year with an international meeting. Dozens of top bonsai from all over Europe will be exhibited.

Below is the Noelanders Show poster.  You will note that cameras are prohibited, and will only be allowed for press, magazine and show organisers. You will be able to purchase/order a photographic record of the show.

Noelanders Trophy

I personally, enjoy taking photographs when I attend bonsai shows. Although we may all be taking photographs of the same tree(s), each one is different, as we are viewing the tree individually, we don’t all see the same thing. It is not all about picture-taking, it is about our memories!

In my opinion, it is taking away our creative juices.

I attended Noelanders last year and thoroughly enjoyed the experience   It will be interesting to see if ‘no photography’ works, and whether visitors enjoy the show more or less.  Let me know!

For the record. ….  the views expressed in this blog post are not necessarily shared, supported, or endorsed in any way by Bonsai World Show committee or Sussex Bonsai Group.

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