Greenwood’s Bonsai Bash – 6th September 2014

Sussex Bonsai Group

Greenwood Bonsai has a long history of supplying quality bonsai and accessories throughout the UK. Originally established by the renowned bonsai artist and author, Harry Tomlinson in 1978 and now run by his sons Corin and Paul, who continue serving the bonsai community with quality trees, unsurpassed customer service, bonsai care/styling advice and workshops.

Wow, what a delight, this was my first visit to Greenwood’s annual Bonsai Bash, which has been going for many years and the last 8 years under Corin’s watchful eye.

Corin’s first demonstration on the Saturday, was with a rescued Escallonia. They are evergreen shrubs with 5-petalled white, pink or red flowers in summer and early autumn and sometimes used as hedging.

Below is a slideshow of the Escallonia’s progression during the demo. Corin guided us through all aspects of pruning, styling, wiring and carving.

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