Bonsai Artists for Bonsai World 2015

We are pleased to announce two confirmed demonstrators for our National Show in August.

Firstly, Kevin Willson, founder of the Yamadori School of Bonsai.

Bio:  Kevin Willson was born in Essex, England, and moved with his young family to Kent in 1978.  His early career in gardening and appreciation of Japanese art and culture firKevinWillsonst led him to Bonsai in the early 1980’s.  With a sound horticultural knowledge, he began to develop his understanding of Bonsai from books and magazines.

He began to work with Yamadori Bonsai in the late 1980’s and soon became recognised for his unique Bonsai designs.  Following his early success as a Bonsai artist, he decided to set up a teaching facility.  The Yamadori School of Bonsai was started in 1999 and has since developed many great students and Bonsai.

The idea of the school is to promote the use of Yamadori materials and to help develop a new generation of free thinking Bonsai artists.


PaulFinchSecondly, Paul Finch.

Paul is a seasoned bonsai practitioner from the UK.  He has had some coverage in magazines, such as Bonsai Focus and is often close in on the European Bonsai circuit.

But Paul has another side to his artistic talents – sculpture, and it is Paul’s sculptures which are really starting to turn heads.

This remarkable tree is actually a life size model made in clay.



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