Talks from Amnon Paldi, Chairman of the British Suiseki Club


Bonsai World 2015 Show (8th/9th August 2015) Update – We are delighted to announce that Amnon will be giving two 30 minute talks on suiseki each day over the weekend.

AMNON PALDI, has been a bonsai enthusiast for over 15 years and is the current chairman of the British Suiseki Club and the Chiltern Bonsai Society.

His specialist subject is Japanese suiseki, also known as gongshi in China (where it originated) or viewing stones in the western world.

He has been studying this fascinating subject for the past eight years, and enjoys hunting for stones primarily in the UK and Italy.

“I am particularly interested in the Western interpretation of suiseki. Like with bonsai, Japan is still the basis for our appreciation of bonsai, but we are using more and more native trees. We respect the fundamental principles of bonsai but look at the world around us and reflect it in our work. The same, I believe, should apply to suiseki. Even more so as our capacity to understand Zen principles and the expressiveness of the Japanese language is somewhat limited.” – Amnon Paldi.

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